Fix Droopy Breasts With a Lift

Weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and the effects of aging can cause your once perky breasts to sag, affecting your confidence and self-esteem. A breast lift can help you regain your youthful shape and restore your confidence.

Skilled and caring plastic surgeon Richard Peck, MD, helps patients regain their confidence and feel good about what they see in the mirror. Offering the highest quality care and the latest innovations in plastic surgery, Dr. Peck provides a wide array of cosmetic services that help men and women look and feel their best.

There’s a reason breast lifts are so popular — boasting a satisfaction rate around 95%. Women who have the procedure report enhanced self-esteem and quality of life.

About breast lifts

During a breast lift, Dr. Peck reshapes and removes breast tissue and excess skin to raise drooping breasts. You may consider undergoing a breast lift if your breasts sag or your nipples point downward.

Combining a breast lift with breast augmentation offers enhanced refinement. The addition of a breast implant fills in extra skin, adding volume and firmness to give you a fuller and perkier result.

Safety and satisfaction are our top priorities. Dr. Peck takes the utmost care to lift your breasts using minimal incisions. He performs minor lifts through incisions around the areola, while more extensive lifts require a vertical incision beneath the areola.

Rest assured that Dr. Peck takes great care to minimize the visibility of scars. You’ll also use a special gel for a few months following surgery to help the incisions heal well.

Is a breast lift right for me?

Women choose to have a breast lift for various reasons. Regardless of your reason, a breast lift offers significant improvement to the appearance of droopy breasts. Your aesthetic goals and unique situation determine whether a breast lift is the best choice for you.

Some factors that make you a good candidate for a breast lift include:

Dr. Peck provides exceptional plastic surgery, offering breast lift as a standalone procedure and in combination with other forms of breast enhancement. If Dr. Peck determines that a breast lift is not an appropriate choice for you, he can discuss options to help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

If you want to restore your confidence and feel wonderful in your skin, we’re happy to discuss breast lifts and our other services with you. Contact our office in West Orange, New Jersey, by calling 973-559-5375.

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