Incorporating Botox® Into Your Regular Beauty Routine

You get your nails done every three weeks, schedule hair appointments every six weeks, visit the dentist twice a year, and routinely enjoy facials as part of your skin-care routine. As you get older and notice more visible forehead lines and wrinkles, have you ever thought of making Botox® injections a regular part of your efforts to look more vibrant and youthful?

At Richard Peck, MD, in West Orange, New Jersey, we make it easy for you to incorporate Botox into your regular beauty routine so you can look your best all year long. For many men and women, scheduling Botox just three times a year helps you maintain your desired look, with fewer visible crow’s feet and frown lines. It’s really that simple!

You can benefit from Botox

Botox has been helping men and women look younger for nearly two decades. It’s a tested, safe, and FDA-approved method for reducing the appearance of laugh lines around your eyes, vertical frown lines between your eyebrows, and horizontal forehead wrinkles. After all, you’ve probably been making your signature facial expressions for more than two decades, and all that laughing, crying, squinting, and concentrating etches its way into your skin. 

Botox temporarily relaxes the muscles in the upper portion of your face so lines look softer and less noticeable. And, with Dr. Peck’s skilled hand and eye for aesthetics, you don’t look overdone or frozen after receiving Botox injections — you look like a younger version of yourself, with the ability to make the same facial expressions you’ve always made. 

Botox fits easily into your regular beauty routine

On average, your Botox appointment takes less time than your typical hair and nail appointments. Once you’ve discussed your aesthetic goals with Dr. Peck, it just takes a few minutes for him to inject Botox into the areas at the outer corners of your eyes, to remedy those pesky crow’s feet, or to inject Botox above and between your eyebrows to reduce the appearance of forehead lines.

Dr. Peck customizes your Botox treatment based on your needs, injecting just the right amount of botulinum toxin — the active ingredient in Botox that does the work deep beneath your skin. 

After your injections, you don’t need to plan for downtime, either. Aside from some mild discomfort possible at the point of injection, or slight redness that quickly subsides, you’re ready to continue your day without interruption. 

Over the next couple of days — usually within 24-48 hours — you notice a difference in the appearance of your moderate-to-severe frown lines. Your forehead looks smoother, and crow’s feet are less noticeable than perhaps they’ve been in the past decade. 

Botox offers long-lasting results

Unlike your hair and nails, which often require upkeep in a matter of weeks, Botox injections last up to four months. That means you don’t have to schedule a touch-up appointment for quite some time, making it a convenient way to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles — one that you don’t have to think about too often. 

When it comes to anti-aging treatments, Botox is one of the easiest and most effective ways to enhance your looks. And, based on your goals, you might even be able to combine your Botox treatment with dermal fillers that restore lost volume to other areas of your face, including your cheeks and lips. 

How easy is that? Are you ready to take the first step toward incorporating Botox into your regular beauty routine? Give our friendly office staff a call at 973-559-5375 to schedule a consultation, or request an appointment online today.

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