Tummy Tucks for Men

Body contouring isn’t only for women. Changes to a man’s midsection can lead to pockets of fat and flabby, loose skin commonly called a spare tire. Tummy tuck surgery flattens the stomach and is designed to give men and women a firmer, flatter, and more defined midsection.

The abdomen is a typical trouble area that houses stubborn fat, and it’s common for men to store more fat above the waist and over their abdominal muscles. Despite eating a healthy diet and spending time in the gym, midsection flab can linger. 

Prominent plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Peck is passionate about offering male abdominoplasty to help men improve the appearance of their midsection. Dr. Peck has the extensive experience necessary to make precise adjustments to accommodate the male physique.

Male tummy tuck surgery is highly individualized, and Dr. Peck is careful to account for differences in the male physique to achieve the best aesthetic outcome.

Male abdominoplasty procedure

A tummy tuck for men is designed to address specific challenges related to achieving a more defined abdominal contour. The procedure removes excess fat and skin and tightens your abdominal muscles so your midsection is firmer and flatter.

Dr. Peck possesses extensive experience performing abdominoplasty. He carefully makes incisions for minimal scarring. Patients who visit Dr. Peck for tummy tuck surgery receive exceptional care.

Am I a good candidate for male abdominoplasty?

Men choose to have a tummy tuck for many of the reasons that women do — but not everyone is an ideal candidate. It’s important to have realistic expectations. While abdominoplasty won’t give you rock-hard abs, it can tighten, contour, and greatly improve the appearance of your abdomen.

To find out if you’re a good candidate for male abdominoplasty, the first step is to meet with Dr. Peck for a consultation. He examines your midsection and evaluates the degree of loose skin and fat. Dr. Peck may combine your tummy tuck with other procedures to provide maximum results.

Men with excess abdominal fat may benefit from a liposuction and a tummy tuck. Liposuction further defines your midsection. After a thorough evaluation, Dr. Peck can recommend the best course of treatment to meet your aesthetic goals.

What can I expect from tummy tuck recovery?

Men have key differences in their physique that play a role in their recovery. A tummy tuck tightens the abdominal muscles and removes excess skin, and because men have thicker skin, it needs time and care to heal optimally. In general, most men need 6-8 weeks to recover from abdominoplasty.

The first week is often the most uncomfortable. It’s important to take time off work and take care of any responsibilities in preparation for the procedure. You can expect your abdomen to feel sore and appear swollen and bruised after surgery.

Discomfort begins to subside during the second week following abdominoplasty. Swelling and bruising begin to fade, and most male patients start feeling better. Patients are encouraged to take light walks to promote good circulation.

Dr. Peck provides complete recovery instructions. It’s vital to follow your post-operative instructions closely to ensure a smooth recovery.

If you want to reclaim your confidence with the help of a defined abdominal contour, schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Peck by contacting our office in West Orange, New Jersey, at 973-559-5375.

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