Body Sculpting

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting is a procedure Dr. Peck offers because he knows that some of his patients have more than one thing they’d like him to address. Rather than asking his patients to come in for multiple different procedures, he offers a bespoke treatment that wraps all of the body sculpting treatments you want into a single operation. 

Not only does this help you reach your body goals faster, but it also minimizes the inconvenience in your life. When Dr. Peck performs all of your desired procedures in one operation, you only have one recovery period. You minimize time away from your family, friends, and work while still accomplishing everything on your wishlist. 

What does body sculpting include?

Richard Peck Plastic Surgery tailors body sculpting to your unique shape and body goals. Some of the tools Dr. Peck uses to help you look your best include:

Breast lift and/or augmentation

Whether you’ve always wanted differently shaped breasts or you’ve had children and have observed a loss of fullness after becoming a mother, Dr. Peck offers his expertise in breast shaping to you. With breast augmentation, he increases the volume of your breasts and ensures they’re a perfect pair. You can also choose a breast lift if you want your breasts moved higher up your chest. 

Tummy tuck

You can get the flat stomach of your dreams with a tummy tuck. Dr. Peck doesn’t just remove excess fat around your abdomen in a tummy tuck; he also removes excess skin and tightens your abdominal muscles. The result is a smooth, taut stomach, so your belly never has to compromise your self-confidence again. 

Local liposuction

Do you have body areas you wish you could change? Dr. Peck can include localized liposuction in your body sculpting procedure, removing fat and contouring targeted areas. He can smooth and slim virtually any part of your body with this treatment, including your chin, upper arms, thighs, hips, and buttocks. 

Is body sculpting right for me?

If you’re a healthy adult, who wants to make changes to your body, visit Richard Peck Plastic Surgery for body sculpting. Dr. Peck personalizes your procedure and provides the opportunity to bundle all of the changes you want into a single operation performed by a highly experienced plastic surgeon. 

To get started with your tailored body sculpting plan, call Richard Peck Plastic Surgery to schedule your appointment today.